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Pretty in Pink

I always love using my pink rope. Every now and then I think of a shoot where it would just work well and here is another great example. Cobie isn't going anywhere no matter how much she wriggles or picks at the ropes. No hope, a great video.

21 Pictures - 5:11 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 26/06/10


Knee High Bondage

I just love to show off the hemp rope on Cobie's wonderful body. There is something about hemp and the colours we have in our bedroom that just works when we do a shoot. I vowed to start making things a lot tighter with my upcoming bondage and this is just the start. Also a Members Request fulfilled... Long Socks!

31 Pictures - 5:06 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 20/06/10


Bondage Professional

Cobie gets in trouble with her boss for going online during work hours and looking up bondage sites. She is forced to work the rest of the day securely bound to her office chair and nicely ball gagged. It's hardly punishment for young Cobie, since she was probably fantasizing about it all day!

18 Pictures - 9:30 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 19/06/10



Here is a tie we came up with one afternoon after work. We also decided to add on some past requests like on screen tying and gagging and a bonus experimentation with the stocking over the head! So, with a full 12 minutes taking you all the way through this tie, you will most certainly enjoy as we clearly do all the way through.

24 Pictures - 12:21 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 12/06/10



Something a little different again for Cobie with this relaxing piece. Though she could get around a little with her feet, she was quite well pinned down by her arms. Something I really enjoyed watching, for quite some time :)

9 Pictures - 6:09 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 30/05/2010


Bondage Blues

Here is an idea Cobie found while looking around on FetLife. We thought we would see how it would work out, Cobie found it quite comfortable in the end and decided to stay in it for a while after, I didn't mind at all!

27 Pictures - 6:27 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 23/05/10


Sexy Stretch

Here is another opportunity for Cobie to show off her amazing body, while keeping all our wonderful bondage fans happy. Here's an idea I liked and reworked a little. It came out quite nicely in the afternoon sun and Cobie really shows off in the video how much fun she is having. Nipple clamps and a tumble into a cut little hogtie position make for great viewing. Enjoy!

23 Pictures - 5:29 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 01/05/10


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