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The Schoolgirl

Cobie has been bound and gagged after coming home from school still in her uniform. Texting away on her phone she has no idea that she is about to be kidnapped and taught her harshest lesson of the day. Excellent Video!

1 Picture - 9:22 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 28/09/11


Couch Cat

Finally we can begin putting updates online. We apologize for the unfortunate server crash that has beseiged us over the last month, but we are finally back running normally.

Cobie finds herself in an interesting little predicament on the couch, she tries to struggle herself out but even in the unusually messy ropework she can't manage to get too far. Not before Mark pops up to finish it off into a hogtie before teasting Cobie a little. Cobie looking stunning as usual, Enjoy!

1 Picture - 7:59 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 26/12/10


Touch of Class

Cobie recently go herself a new bedtime outfit which looked very oriental. The hemp went with it perfectly and I put Cobie is a very tight bind and let her struggle around in it for a while. She moans cause this one is really tight, something I promised to her I'm going to pay a lot more attention to in coming weeks. Enjoy!

1 Picture - 3:37 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 02/12/10



Cobie is tied up in a little black dress and stockings. She always loves hogties, so this time I thought I would try something a little different and tip her over. I took a little inspiration from our Bed Strappado set and locked her in position so she could barely move. Tied down, silenced and helpless, Cobie can only moan with her latest predicament. Enjoy!


23 Pictures - 3:19 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 20/11/10


Into the Closet

Here is a little mix of something I had wanted to do in a little while, and a members request for a blindfold. Cobie always manages to look fantastic, but when she jumped into my personal favourite... The Bikini... I decided it was time to add some rope to it. Some tying here and leading a blind Cobie into the closet there, and we have our favourite lady all trussed up and struggling away, with no idea where she actually is. Another great video and a members request done! Send more through!


11 Pictures - 5:08 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 11/11/10


Bondage Please...

Here is a piece that had been on my mind for a little while. It's not too original but a first for Cobie, and my my with the new lights did she shine. Another classic with a video to match... Enjoy!

36 Pictures - 5:40 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 31/10/10


Can you handle it?

First off let me clear up the name. Cobie is bound beautifully against the bedroom wall and also attached to the two door handles on each side. As you can see I'm having to result to low level humour to name these sets, but none the less Cobie looks just amazing in this amazing natural light. A beautiful day down here brings out the class and our lovely signature purple.

27 Pictures - 5:39 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 17/10/10


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