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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further queries or a question you're asking is not posted here, please contact us at admin@uniquerope.com


Q: - What format are the videos?

A: - They are available in small and large files and are Windows Media Video (*wmv) format.


Q: - Can I download the pictures?

A: - Yes, all members may download the set in a *.zip file on the gallery page.


Q: - Do you shoot video in HD?

A: - While we plan to bring you this feature in the near future, we currently do not distribute HD videos.


Q: - Are you still updating the site?

A: - No, at the present moment we are not shooting new content. We will provide updates in the near future on this topic.


Q: - What are the prices for membership?

A: - $16.99 for One Month Recurring, $42.99 for a Three Month 90 Day Membership or $69.99 for a Six Month 180 Day Membership.


Q: - What payment methods do you accept?

A: - We currently accept VISA, MasterCard and JCB through our merchant processor.


Q: - How do I cancel my recurring membership.

A: - You can cancel your membership via the link in the top of the page.


Q: - I have forgotten my password.

A: - Please contact us by sending an email using the form at the top of the page or if you wish, by email at admin@uniquerope.com


Q: - What are the image file sizes?

A: - Apart from a few early exceptions, we process images in 1200x797 resolution. They vary between 100kb-500kb in size.


Q: - What browsers do you recommend?

A: - We are tried and tested on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Also viewable on Sony Playstation 3.


Q: - Where can I learn the Bondage that I have seen on this site?

A: - While we soon will provide some in depth knowledge in the wonderful world of bondage, we currently have no resources as to the production of our content. We do socialise on FetLife and openly discuss our methods with our friends and fans..


Q: - Do you take requests?

A: - At the moment we are not shooting new content, but we always welcome new ideas as we do plan to shoot new content in the near future.


Q: - Can I post links to your site?

A: - Go forth and spread the word. We welcome those who want to connect with us, and we also have a Links page to reciprocate.


Q: - I'm interested in modelling for the site, where can I find more information?

A: - We are based in South Australia, for more information please refer to our Model Call page.