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Unique rope is the work of two young Bondage Enthusiasts, Mark & Cobie, who are keen on creating bondage like no other.

30 year old Mark has had a fascination for ropework since high school, and a love for bondage since well before double digits. Mark has been working on his rope skills for many years now and has had many willing participants through this time. He draws influence from those of the best such as Close Up Concepts, Peter Acworth (Kink.com) and Matt Williams (Sexually Broken). Eventually Mark wants to fully develop his own style and teach it professionally and help all those interested in bondage more willing to take the first step.

The main model on this site is Cobie. She has been intrigued by the concept of bondage since a very young age, now a semi-professional bondage model she has the ability to handle some of the most demanding bondage there is. Rarely does one find such satisfaction in this field.

Thank You for visiting, Enjoy!

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