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Back Stretch

Here is one of our favourite ties of late. We both really had fun with this one. Cobie's flexibility is once again tested with this brutal stretch, I had to let her down a few times for a break to extend the fun, and we made the most of it. The pictures are fantastic.

28 Pictures - 4:41 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 19/12/09


Laid Out

Happy New Year everyone! For the start of the new year we have one of my favourite ties. I decided to add it with a members request for some more casual clothing for a shoot. Cobie was free to move and wriggle around for this but had her arms locked to her just the way she likes it. It is much tighter than it looks, but the nice video shows how much fun she was having with it.

25 Pictures - 8:26 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 19/12/09


Lingerie Hogtie

Here is another set that came from our fun pile. Cobie had just bought this new outfit to show off for me and I decided to test it out with my rope. I just went mental with it and ended up with one of her tightest hogties to date. The fact that this was never meant for the site shows Cobie's natural look in bondage and the ability to make it into a bondage classic!

24 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 30/05/09


Bed Tied Up

Recently I had a request come through for some on screen tying. I had been thinking about doing this for quite some time, so here is my first take at doing it all on camera. Cobie did well with this, it was tougher than it looked. Video files will now be available for download, I will be updating the previous videos for download in the coming days.

1 Picture - 13:53 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 12/12/09


Just for Bondage 1

We have decided to release some of our photos from when the idea of Unique Rope was nothing but a thought. We will be releasing a series of sets dedicated to how we started off and where Unique Rope came from. Look out for the rest of these over the next couple months!

23 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date Various


Semi Suspended

We made this set the morning after making The Coffee Table. It was a spur of the moment decision and once again something that was never meant to be for this site. But an old garage wannabe studio proves to be a success for making a really sexy bondage shoot. We had so much fun making this one. Enjoy it like we did.

19 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 18/04/09


Special Request

Good friend Lew Rubens was kind enough to request this one for us to have a go at. He wanted to see what it was like to see Cobie's hands rigged up like this but knees together, being different from the Tight Stretch set. It was a tough one that we had to finish earlier than most, we made a very nice little video that shows how hard it was to move. Cheers!

1 Picture - 2:42 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 21/11/09


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