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Enough Rope?

Here are two sets we shot about a year ago shortly after I recieved our first batch of good rope. Cobie challenged me to use all the white rope, and I duly provided. The second was just a time killing exercise on a saturday night... some way to kill time huh!?

26 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date Various


Bondage Workout

Today we have this great video of Cobie struggling in her gym gear. Hope you enjoy, we have plenty of great stuff coming.

1 Picture - 4:08 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 23/02/10


Stilletto Strappado

Finally I have managed to get the frame finished and all set up. It was certainly worth the wait. It seemed a little too easy at first so I decided to cross her feet making it a whole new ball game. Cobie writhes and moans throughout this nice little video and shows why I will be using this frame more often.

1 Picture - 4:03 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 04/02/10


Bondage Dreams

Heres a new video we made with a nice homemade feel to it. We have been trying this tie a few times lately we love it so much, although it is a tough one for Cobie. She feels really sexy when forced to stand on her toes, and what better way to make her do it then from her perfect breasts. It all turns out to be a dream for Cobie :)

1 Picture - 4:14 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 14/01/10


Pink Hair Tie

This is a remake of a tie we did over a year ago back at our old place. We didn't have too much from that set so we decided to have another go at it. The photos came out real nice, and it comes with a fantastic video showing Cobie really having fun. Enjoy!

26 Pictures - 6:35 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 09/01/10


Just for Bondage 2

This is the second installment in the series of pictures that we made well before Unique Rope. We will still be releasing more of these over the next couple of months. This is the latest selection from our archives, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

39 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date Various


Bed Strappado

It is still a few weeks before I get suspensions started, but I just couldn't wait to do a strappado. Having the bed to work with allowed this to be so much better as I was able to run ropes through Cobie from one end to the other, locking her in position. She can't do to much in the fantastic video that comes with this set. One of her best yet in my opinion!

38 Pictures - 8:19 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 26/12/09


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