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Toes in Trouble

Another video classic for Cobie to add to her collection. This has to be one of my favourites for a while. She spent almost 2 hours like this struggling away and having a lot of fun even after the cameras were put down. Cobie at her best, as always!

27 Pictures - 6:51 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 17/04/10


Bondage Decoration

Cobie had wanted me to hogtie her up on top of her dresser for quite some time now. So one Saturday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to give it a go with our always wonderful to use hemp rope. Cobie loves a tight hogtie and shows it in the video, while even trying to untie herself for a short while. Enjoy!

15 Pictures - 4:50 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 10/04/10


Bed Spread

A classic position we had for some reason left out till this point. The spread eagle is a favourite on most lists, I tried to make it my own. The 10+ Minute video includes Cobie's first try at her new 2.25" Ballgag! We both had a lot of fun with this shoot.

13 Pictures - 10:53 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 27/03/10


Rope Web

This is what happens when you let a giant frame influence your work. I just can't help myself when it comes to wanting to use all the new tie off points I have at my disposal. Despite how clearly Cobie is enjoying this tie, it isn't actually as comfortable as it looks. Definately one of our more glamour type shoots, as always Cobie looks amazing!

15 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 27/03/10


Just for Bondage 3

Here is the last installment of our Just For Bondage series of pictures that we made before the site started. I think we have saved the best for last with some of these pictures, one of them actually convinced me to go forward with artistic styled bondage. A great blast from the past and a great set to have. Enjoy!

23 Pictures - No Video - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date Various


The Lotus

A position that I had been wanting to try for quite some time, so why not now! Not the most comfortable thing to add the reverse prayer at the back but it pays off if you are lucky enough to see the video. Certainly one of my favourites for quite some time.

16 Pictures - 3:06 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 07/03/10


Denim Stretch

Once again we are taking advantage of our new toy downstairs. I could suspend five girls from this baby. I had a members request come through for some denim, so here is what we managed to come up with. The video is just spectacular, especially when the pegs go on. Enjoy

33 Pictures - 7:28 - Model: Cobie

Shoot Date 28/02/10


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